Anime is of the most marginalized and stigmatized mediums of art in America. Many people criticize the medium as an empty one, filled with overly sexual themes, and foolish, yet shallow, content choices. But here is the thing: anime does have that, it has BOTH of those things in droves. However, this medium has also provided some of the most interesting long form character pieces in storytelling, alongside some of the most aesthetically pleasing imagery in cinema, and that is why I made this blog. To prove that there is more to the medium of anime than meets the eye, through analysis and reviews of anything and everything anime.


My name is L&en, a former film blogger and film student, as well as a devout anime fan. I am also a massive pro-wrestling fan, and this influences a lot of how I view character progression, and serves as a lense in how I interpret art as a whole. As there are many connections between the two mediums, you can fully expect references and comparisons from time to time. I may also write about pro-wrestling a bit on here, with plenty of anime tie-ins, we’ll see. So, thank you for visiting this site, and I hope that you continue with me on my journey to digital legend-hood.


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