The Calendar in Koe No Katachi: A Loving Nerd’s Micrograph

Spoilers for Koe no Katachi. 

Naoko Yamada’s 2016 film, Koe no Katachi is FILLED with beautiful and striking images throughout. The film is one of the most aesthetically pleasing film experiences that I have ever encountered.

This gorgeous cinematic experience is dotted with beautiful shots of flowers and fireworks and beautiful backgrounds.

But one image stands out the most to me in all of the color and splendor that this movie dots our retinas with.

A calendar.


A calendar stands out to me.

I have always loved Naoko Yamada’s incredible ability to find and add beauty to even the smallest and most simple things in every day life. But in Koe no Katachi, she takes everything to a whole new level.

The symbolic nature of the bread, the notebook, photographs, and fireworks, not to mention all of the other examples of this scattered throughout the film.

But a calendar stands out to me.

A calendar that hung on the wall of a young man who has been consumed by regret and pain, and didn’t want to keep living.

A calendar that was once torn off, after a certain day, because after that day, nothing else really mattered.

But, a calendar that was fixed.

A calendar that was added to, because that young man has found a reason to keep living, or at least, a reason to try.

An everyday household object that now has a new meaning.

A fresh start.

A new day.

A chance for redemption.

Sometimes a calendar is just a calendar.

But sometimes it is so much more.



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