HHH and Seto Kaiba, the B+ Players : From Tsunderes to Superkicks, The Professional Wrestling of Anime

An in-depth look into the intersectionality between anime and professional wrestling.


Cowboy Bebop: A Series of Haikus

The Lament of Spike Spiegel Cigarette floating into lips that only eat bell peppers no beef   He wants to be free sailing through the galaxy ignoring the pain   He sits alone on nights aboard The Bebop stuck in yesterday   A demon in grey, a ghost from the past, came and ruined everything... Continue Reading →

Hey guys…

So... Hey everyone. It's been awhile. Like. 2ish years awhile. And I apologize for taking off so long, but I might be making a bit of a return. I left a few years ago because I was drowning. I was a busy student, I was depressed, I was lacking purpose and reason, and I was... Continue Reading →

An Update and an Apology

Due to some personal events that have transpired, I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging. I just need to take some time and focus on myself, and I don't want to turn out any half-hearted or mediocre content. You guys are all wonderful and deserve the best that I can give, and right... Continue Reading →

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